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SWISH Entertainment
Derryth is the glue that holds SWISH together. Derryth has studied a range of musical styles and has the chameleon-like ability to sing just about anything. She is an accomplished soloist who can also blend with anyone... we haven't tried her out in a thrash metal duet with Alice Cooper...yet! But we can guarantee that Alice would probably enjoy the experience. This talent comes in very handy when fitting Leanne's sultry jazz style together with Katrin's classically pure tones - a challenge only the bravest would dare contemplate! Derryth has a sparkly personality and fans particularly enjoy hearing the cheerful spin that she puts on those great swingtime numbers, jazz standards and pop songs.

Derryth's bleeding heart has led her to work in various positions within the community sector, however she currently has a fetish for rejuvinating old houses. For relaxation, she offers herself up to the tender mercies of a ravenous monster by the name of Jade, who masquerades in this plane as a German Shephard x Kelpie. Jade is SWISH's no. 1 fan, who often attends rehersals and has been heard adding fourth harmony to SWISH's vocal arrangements.

Along with her considerable singing talents, Derryth is the SWISH financial and business genius. Somehow she also finds time to enjoy an active, outdoorsy life and to excel in the art of design.