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SWISH Entertainment
Katrin is the SWISH soprano, and as well as having a voice of marvellous purity, she delights in the ability to blast people's eardrums while heading towards the audio range that bats are most comfortable in. Having been trained by an opera singer built like a buffalo on steroids, she is, in the opinion of admiring friends, painfully good at this. When she joined SWISH, Leanne persuaded her that jazz is more fun than opera (this persuasion took about five seconds), based on the fact that jazz singers are allowed to use microphones, and that it was bad manners to deafen everyone within a two kilometre radius. (Not to mention the sequins factor...)

In the course of a typical girly upbringing, Katrin did many years of ballet, learnt to play the flute (and then the oboe, and then the bassoon, and then timpani, just for a change), and, of course, sang in various choirs. She has also performed with most of the theatrical groups in Canberra in various shows, before dedicating her life (or at least the singing bit of it) to things SWISHy. Katrin performs a great showstopper! And as if her voice were not lovely enough, she has been known to add the dulcet tones of her flute to the SWISH repertoire.

Proving that she has a particularly balanced personality, Katrin ignored the attractions of the School of Music, and went off to do a degree in Computing, and, just to make sure, another one in Engineering. Consequently, Katrin is the only member of SWISH who really understands geek jokes.