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SWISH Entertainment
Who Are We?
Who Are We?
Katrin, Derryth and Leanne are the three Canberra-based vocalists who make up SWISH.  We come from different musical backgrounds (individually we encompass every singing style from classical to Latin to traditional jazz), but we share a harmonious vocal blend and a great enjoyment of entertaining. As SWISH, we enjoy a flexible repertoire and have a great time singing together as a trio, in duet or solo.

Rebecca is a classically trained pianist who has performed a whole range of different styles of music in Canberra for many years. Her influence has brought SWISH a full and fun sound, while her youthfulness has added some groovy contemporary hits to create subtle moods or get the joint jumping.  
Together, SWISH has arranged a lot of favourites and we can provide favourite numbers by request for special occasions such as birthdays and weddings.

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